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Dyepress Poly T - Plus

Dyepress Poly T - Plus

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Poly-T Plus: Sublimation Coating for Cotton & Cotton Blends

Preheat Heat Press to 330. 

Spray shirt until damp. Press Poly T Plus into fibers with foam roller or hands. Cover lower platten with thin cotton material, example: flour sack towel to absorb moisture. Place shirt over cotton material. Cover with parchment paper (regular paper will stick to coating). Press with light pressure at 330 degrees for 30 seconds to remove sizing. You should see steam.

Spray 2nd coat of Poly T Plus on shirt. The 2nd coating does not have to be as thick as the first. Cover with parchment paper and press wet at 330 for 20 seconds to cure the Poly T Plus spray. 

Set heat press to 385. 

Sublimate with medium pressure at 385 for 70 seconds using 2 sheets of butcher paper.

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